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Welcome to TransMission! What is TransMission? It’s the adventures of a trans woman named Mercedes (me!) who has made it her goal (thought I’d say mission, didn’t you?) to own and ride as many motorcycles as possible and go places she never thought she’d ever go. This came after repeated suggestions from people that there isn’t enough LGBTQ+ motorcycling media out there and my voice would be welcome.

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Motorcycling has blown open a new world of possibilities that to a degree were even hidden as a car enthusiast. I’m still a new rider and have already sort of mastered the art of swapping bikes for little money. You’ll get to watch as I learn everything, experience everything for the first time, and see my interests change in bikes and brands.

In case you’re worried, this ride is about the adventure, the experience, and yes...the spills. You’ll occasionally see some bits about how being trans can make motorcycling different, but that will not be the focus. I love all motor vehicles on two wheels. I love scooters as much as I love the vintage machines I drool over right now. I’m a firm believer that motorcycling is what you make it out to be and there’s no one way to go about it. That’s what I love; there is something for everyone.


So put on your helmet, slip on those gloves, lace those boots, and fire up whatever you ride, we’re going to have some fun!

About the Author

Mercedes is a smart fortwo-obsessed trans woman who recently fell head first into motorcycling and fell even harder for vintage bikes. She quickly learned that life is even cheaper on two wheels. This is bad.


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